What would you do?

Yell cusswords mixed with "GET OUT OR I'LL CALL THE POLICE!!!!"
3 (6%)
Like Option 1 but no yelling
0 (0%)
Like Option 1 but no cussing
2 (4%)
Like Option 1 but no yelling and no cussing
3 (6%)
7 (14%)
Call 911
8 (16%)
2 (4%)
Shoot and kill the intruder
10 (20%)
Grab my knife
9 (18%)
Show him/her/them my karate moves
6 (12%)

Total Members Voted: 50

If an intruder came into your home


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I would go for the kill...

It happened a few months ago an when i got home and saw somebody walking in our hallway at first i thought it was my brother and then i open the lights then i found out that he's not. He started to run to the backdoor and i followed him, i think he was in panic mode because instead of opening our wooden gate he throws himself to it and destroys the gate (like hulk...yeah right). I followed him almost a hundred meters from our house. I started yelling 'Hey stop!' (i just blurted it out) which was a bad idea because the more i shout the more energy i consumed. After a while he was nowhere to be found. He's fast...If i ever saw him strolling in our street make sure to hammer him...


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I'd shoot and kill then burn his body  :). Nah, just kidding, I'd probably call 9-1-1 or show him my karate moves :)


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I'd just say, would you like some tea and cakes?


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I'd just say, would you like some tea and cakes?
you read my mind :D except i mite add, "hey im about to go to the movies wanna come  :D" then hell come and turn nice and be the bestest frend for everest :D
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I pull out dual mac 10's out of my pockets that just appeared there, go in slow motion, and cross my arms as I shoot in uberslow motion, while walking on the walls.
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One thing, I would never call 911. That's cause I live in Britain lol.

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I would call 911 and tell them to call Chuck Norris.


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I would bring in my Black Ops quick scoping "skillz" to take him out. Only joking. If someone was to break into my house, I would phone 999 (as I'm British) grab my brothers weight pole, and whack him in the legs. When he is on the floor, sit on him until the police come to arrest him. If we were aloud to use any force Necessary in the UK, I would probably kill him (if I was strong enough). But because of England's stupid laws we cannot touch them. If we was to defend our home we could get arrested!


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I picked call 911, except since I'm British I'd actually call 999.

911 works in Britain :)

My buddies in the police force advise making lots of noise and/or breaking stuff upstairs as most of our rather more cowardly and less confrontational thieving ****wits will just run. Failing that head down stairs in maximum violence mode grab whatevers to hand on the way. (toss up between a large pot plant or some shoes.....).

Even in Britain if you stop hitting the guy long enough for him to run away it doesn't matter a bean what you went for him with, he isn't gonna be telling is he :) well not until you get a letter from InjuryLawyers4Swine.


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I have a few samurai swords lying in the corner of my bedroom.

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Why did you bump a year old thread?

EDIT: There was post above mine; I'm not talking to myself :P

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Are you asking yourself that question?


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Before rob1221 someone had bumped the thread today, but deleted his post.
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Are you asking yourself that question?
No, I had. :P

After I saw his post and realized he was right, I deleted my post. So generally it's not okay to bump old threads even if they're still relevant today?


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I don't see a problem with it as long as you're contributing something.