Need good Stencyl programming guide/programmer willing to help for free


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Does anyone know some good tutorials for programming in Stencyl? I need the basic movement stuff, how to make a tile kill the player if touched, how to make water that stuff sinks in, how to pick up and throw something, and how to make an actor stick to a wall and be removable. If you know any videos that go over this stuff that would be really helpful. If you are a programmer and would like to do these things or teach me how that would be great as well. I can not pay but will consider revenue sharing if gained. PM me if interested.
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There are behaviors that are already downloaded with Stencyl, and you can see them when you try to attach a behavior to an actor or scene.  Read Stencylpedia and look at the Stencyl TV videos if you haven't yet.


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There are a ton of tutorials here: and here: or you can search the forums for what you need.