Apple WWDC 2011


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Here's a liveblog:

- No new hardware
- OS X Lion -- the expected changes; also a new Sparrow-like Mail app; only available via the Mac App Store (for only $29.99)
- iOS 5 -- much improved notifications; OTA updates and wireless syncing to all devices; BBM-like messaging application for all iDevices
- iCloud -- Free mail account with 5 GB of mail, calendar, photo backup and syncing among all iDevices
- iTunes match -- $24.99 service to get cloud versions of all your existing songs

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I just watched the keynote. I'm very impressed.

Just for clarification, the 5GB free doesn't include photos or music, so they won't contribute toward your 5GB limit. It's for documents and contacts and things.

You can keep music downloaded from iTunes in sync for free, but iTunes Match includes music you didn't upload. It'll check to see if there are iTunes versions of the songs you have on your computer and upload the ones that don't.