[redundant]Action RPG problem


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This is my problem, the attack logic which comes with the template seems to superseed both my save and respawn location behaviours.

For example, i test the stage, it all works, I goto region it sets to that area for respawning.

BUT, as soon as you press the action button at any point, you then need to press the action button whenever your in a region in order to set the respawn point.

It's taken me a while to go through everything, to narrow it down to this logic. I though I solved it by adding a [stop] but I was wrong.

If there a way to dissable "if button is down" after the attack is over, or maybe reset it?

The problem definatly lies with the "if button is down" (in this case, If action1 was pressed) somehow makings itself controll things it should not.

 Anyone have any other ideas or suggestions?


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