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could someone post a list of the forum ranks and requirments to achieve them


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It seems that Apprentice and all the Level # titles are based on post count now (originally it was set up differently but it seems to not be the case any longer). There is no list anywhere of what those values are because in general the community here finds that post counts are poor indicators of the quality of contribution - or even length of tenure sometimes. Here, a special title is function of being recognized for your contribution to the community; not a means to earn recognition.

That said, here are some explanations of some of the other titles you may see in the forum as well.

A selection of titles are based on being a subscriber to Stencyl.
Subscriber - Stencyl Studio
Subscriber - iOS Pro

Alternately, the following titles are awarded to individuals for contributions to Stencyl.
Beta Tester
Expert Stencyler
Master Stencyler

And finally, there is an additional custom title(s) for a very exclusive set of individuals.
Chief Stencyler

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