Tile Games 1.0 Released! (PROMO CODES)


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Tile Games has gone live on the App Store!!!

Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tile-games/id526597636?ls=1&mt=8

Tile Games features four mini-games. The games give you a nice combination of skill, strategy, luck, and a little bit of competition.

The Games:
•Green Squared (Green²): This is a timed game where you must make all of the tiles green. The board is randomly generated each time.
•Fading Floors: This is a level based game where you must be on the last unfaded tile. The tiles will fade out until there is only one left. You need skill and some luck to win this.
•The Blues: You need to darken as many tiles as possible. Every time you land on a tile, it will get darker. If you step on the darkest tile, the game is over.
•Trap 'Em: A two player game which you can play with a friend. You need to trap the other person so they can't move anymore. You can only step on the green tiles and every tile a person moves onto becomes the players color.

Tile Games supports local high scores for each game along with world high scores using Game Center.

**Sadly, there is no Lite version at this time, Apple rejected it. It will be available soon.**

FREE PROMO CODES: (Please tell me which one you use if you use one)


I always accept constructive criticism and any comment on my games! :) Have Fun!!!

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I used:

Thanks for sharing.  I'll give it a good play now, I'll leave a review too :)


Just played it for a few mins there,  it's a real brain workout (well for me anyway),  I noticed it's an universal app too, i'll play it on iPad tonight.  Really enjoyed it, I'll give it a go every morning to see if it will wake my brain up  :P

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