How to make 2 separate actors move together? (Feets, and Torso)


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I make a character and move it using the 8 directional movement, the "Face Mouse", and the "camera follow"

But i wanted to move the feet separatly from the body, so i made the feet 1 actor, and the torso 2nd actor.
I attach the movement to both actors, but when i collide whit something, they move in different ways and doesnot works like intended.
Someone told me this "You'll need to use a scene loop to constantly get the location of your primary body part and use that part to change based on your keys"
But i dont know how to do it :(.

Help? Please?


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What about using joints/hinges ? Captaincomic made a ragdoll kit / test game you could look at.


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Okey problem solved. One friend giveme one behavior and i modified a bit.