Making a top view rpg -> Programmer needed


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Hello, im been working in a top view action rpg like from 1 month ago, and im in need of a programmer for helping/make the behaviors.

Im doing actually the programming, the drawnings/animations, and the sounds.

Im not a expert artist but cause the game is top view, it doesnot need so much image detail. It will be focused more in the gameplay and fighting, and it will feature puzzles and adventure too.
I dont have any money to pay for this, but if we come up whit something good and we win some cash uploading it in kongregate or something, we can split the money 50/50.
If the game has good success, im planning on making a BIG expansion and selling it.

The game actually features this:

- Top view
- 8 directional movement.
- Character looks to where the mouse is pointing.
- Can shoot "bullet types"
- Character attacks whit punchs, and swords. Swords attack are wip.

If you are interested post here or PM me, and i can give you to test the very-alpha-game.


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Now sword attack working 100%.
-Swaping weapons is working too


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What behaviours do you need to complete your game?
Maybe I can help you with some things.

I have made some behaviours that might be usefull like:
- a hud (weaponanimation that changes after weapon switch, life bar, xp bar, magic bar, picture of the hero)
- some physical weapons
- simple enemy behaviours (attacking at sight and moving to player)
- experience and leveling behaviours

Otherwise there is a rpg platformer kit from luyren which might contain everthing you need.


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Hello!! Thanks for replying my post!

Yes, all the things that you said would be usefull. How may i contact you? Do u have skype,FB,or something so we can meet each other? Sendme for PM the data.


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Ok i send u a PM back. I was asking about skype or something cause i have some behaviors that are bugged and i cannot solve, so i could show you or ask you step by step how to fix them :D. Im already online on skype if you want to addme.