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^That's a really good project you've got going there.


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Wasn't really sure where to post it, but here is a little drum computer I made today...


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Cool. I love little "toy" programs like this that you can just mess around with - musical ones being the best.
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I had an idea for a fighting game, but because of coding problems, I kind of gave up on it.


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Now get out of my brain horrible thing. So that I may continue on!


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Now get out of my brain horrible thing. So that I may continue on!

Ah, I really liked this one. The tech behind it is very impressive!


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The original concept was for something else entirely, but the first hurdle mutated it into something else, which then grew unplanned into most of a game, just not a very planned (or good) one.

The tech is great and when I figure out the maths for converting mouse coords to isometric coords and back, well in my head it already looks like x-com. (the original of course). A brief test showed the same functions can draw an isometric view point with some fairly minor adjustments.

Let's see where it goes :)


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Dead Game
Feel Free to Msg me for the Files
it has Great Potential


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My hard drive died and I lost all the files. No hope for recovery;It keeps me up at night. Although it was poorly made, it was my first attempt at making a real game.


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Does it have to be Stencyl games?  I'm new to Stencyl, but I programmed a game in Flash 8 that I never managed to finish.  My best friend pixelled the graphics for it.  I was going really well; we have the concepts for essentially the entire game mapped out; I just think the battle system is a little boring, and there are performance issues on most computers with it (lag when walking around/loading new tiles) that I don't feel like fixing.

The theme of the game is that you're NOT the hero, but it's your goal to save the Hero.  You can enslave creatures/spirits once you disable them in battle, and (eventually) you can sacrifice the creatures to acquire magical items that boost your stats.  There are bugs in the battle system as it stands.
But it looks and plays well.

Arrow Keys to move
A is action, S is cancel.
Space bar opens up start menu.  DON'T try to save/load games.
Shift + Click will initiate a random battle (for me while programming)

Orego Test Demo.

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I have no clue to finish this but.. I will when i have have motivation too. 

Also here's an unneeded picture of a chicken sprite sheet.


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edit * link removed ><

This project caused much sadness, ambition vs optimisation, it was however really good fun to put together, and is clearly several kinds of awesome.

Added * having uploaded the game and made this post, I went to play for a while, and the major issue we had with performance appears to have vanished entirely? So going to check through and possibly ungraveyard a game I finished 6 months ago. woot.

Does rather make this post a waste of space, but, y'know, winning.

*re-edit Found this though :)

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Performance problem gone in the same version or from 2.x -> 3.x?


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Same version, 2.x.