StencylWorks update does not work and new patch broke my sound


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I never updated StencylWorks before. I think I tried some times and it gave me that "ensure that your computer is connected..." dialog. Just so you know,I do have internet, I published stuff and downloaded from the forge without a hitch.

Then I tried this patch:,1131.0.html

It broke my sound. Almost all my sound blocks say "Missing" (except "stop all sounds" and "set volume to %")
As far as I can tell, all the other blocks (actor, flow, scene, etc) are ok.
When I try to run my scene or my game, it gives me various errors, all to do with sound (the word sound allways appears somewhere in the error message boxes).

I went over the logs (I'm not a coder, but I try my best to help you help me) and saw a couple of things that don't sound right. Attached to this message is a single session log in which I reproduced all of the above errors.
Please take notice of the following lines (it might help you, I don't know):

36[LOG] Usergroup: Beta Tester
No I'm not. I wished so hard I were, I had a friend who installed this on my PC and then it was uninstalled again. I never had any username untill launch day.

112 to 119[LOG] Lots of problems there. Can't figure them out.

991 to 1006 Missing sound stuff.

6903 to 6907 DialogBoxCore is acting up. This is part of Greg's Cutscene pack just in case you were wondering. I have filed a bug on that resource pack topic earlier, but not this one.

Now, I can still work around all of this, because versioning is my friend. I have daily (at least) backups of my work, so I can revert back. In fact, I'm about to uninstall the whole thing now (don't worry, I AM sure that my game and assets are safe) and then install it fresh. I post this stuff here anyway for the sake of bug tracking.

[EDIT] I just tried on another game I had here with no sounds, and the game runs ok, but the sound blocks are still missing. Now I'm gonna make a clean install.

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Did you update both sw.jar and engine.swc? I've to update both in order for my sound to work for my game.


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He updated both sw.jar and engine.swc. The problem is he needs to update the Language packs. I asked him to do the Language pack update. but unfortunately he received the unable to connect error.

The unable to connect error is the one that really needs to be solved here, unfortunately, I lack the understanding of how SW makes it's internet connections and how someone would solve the issues.
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Yes, I tried the patch with both files. I followed Jon's instructions to the letter.

Now I have a clean install. Still, a couple of bugs. One of them is probably got to do with Greg's Cutscenes pack. Don't mind that, I'll bother Greg with that one.

The other one is about the version SW thinks it has.
I downloaded the installer from the homepage. Then I checked the version. b399. I clicked on debug/Reupgrade. It said b400 had come out. Did I want it? Yes, please. Restart? Ok.

So, after SW restart, I clicked on Help/About and lo and behold. b399. And it asked me to upgrade again. To b400. Whatever, do it. ... ... Done. Restart. Still b399. Well, at least it's connecting properly now and not saying "are you sure you have internet".

I went back to the b401 patch topic and manually updated that. It still thinks it is on b399 and asks me to update. "Remind me later please". So that's where I'm at.

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You can manually edit prefs/boot.txt so the version field is back to 400. We externalize it to make it easier to manipulate it.


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You can manually edit prefs/boot.txt so the version field is back to 400. We externalize it to make it easier to manipulate it.
Not that anyone expected anything else, but I should say it anyway:
It worked. :)