Mapping out Booleans (Pre-game Preparation)[RESOLVED]


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Hi guys!  The forum here has been very helpful so far, and my prototype is finally running nicely.  The engine that my adventure runs on is in place, and I'm very happy.  I do have a question unrelated to coding, though.

How do my fellow Stencylers map out Booleans?  In a small project, a developer could get away with keeping that information in their head.
However, in a larger game, I want to find the most reliable method to trace the road map of my game before I really jump into coding it.

I considered using a spreadsheet layout.  I'd have a row for Characters, and a column for Booleans.  I could go through and write out how each character would react if a certain Boolean is true or false.  I foresee that method getting a little messy though.

Any better ideas that you guys have found?

Thanks for's a screenshot of my WIP.  I'm super excited about the custom art/animation and the story.

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I've not done something to a level that required mapping out the progression like that, but it sounds like a flowchart would be your best choice. That'd give you the visual aspect for ease of use while still allowing you to branch multiple times per character.
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That's true.  I won't have a huge, epic adventure (although I'd love to make one!), but I feel like this is a good habit to get into.  Each character will have multiple interactions though, so thank you for the idea.

Good luck on your projects!