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I would like to share with you a site where you can find good graphics for games. Not free but worth a look.


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An animated sprite editor & pixel art tool.
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Piskel ( is a pretty sweet, browser-based drawing program for pixel art. It includes useful features like layers, animation frames, mirroring, dithering and custom palettes.  Plus, using a Google account to sign in, you get free cloud storage for your gallery of work. Importing and exporting sprite sheets is super easy too. Highly recommended.


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same site, different page.  i just found this, they have great free and paid icons and animated pre loaders! and more


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Check out Gamefresco

it is an artist generated game graphic sharing and creation platform that offers a fresh new way of to discover, collect and share game assets from game artists everywhere.

Create your own collection of game assets from various artists to envision your game even before it is built. Speed up your game development time and get game assets quickly to prototype your games. Gamefresco is the perfect tool for you to bring your games to life in a fast, efficient and fun way.

For artist, Gamefresco is the perfect platform for you to showcase your work, build a game profile to showcase your game worlds and get more exposure to your profile.