iPad retina (ipad3) & iPhone retina (4&4s)


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I'm a bit confused since all the messages I've read so far about the retina graphics on the iPad 3 say that that will be supported on stencil 2.5 or stencil 3. I did a test today and I was able to visualize iPad 3 retina graphics just fine.

For the test, I chose the Universal (not 2x universal) option under the mobile settings, then I create a scene for iPhone with 16x16 tiles (320x480 scene), for those 16x16 tiles I import the graphics twice that resolution (retina), and using the tiles attached for iPhone you can notice every single pixel of the patterns... so retina for iPhone works great

Then I create an iPad scene (1024x768) with 32x32 tiles, and the graphics I import are twice that size, and again you can see the tiny pixels from the pattern, so retina for iPad 3 seems to be ok, at least with my test I was able to make it work...

..so am I wrong or is that most people use the universal 2x option for iPad, which just stretches the iPhone graphics and for stencil 2.5 or 3 there will be more options for Universal 2x?