Sound Panning

I think panning audio to the left or right side is rather simple in actionscript anyway, so could we add that to the design mode sound blocks (if it's not already there somewhere I just haven't seen)? This would make stereo more easily controllable via code and would add to the pretty small set of available sound control blocks.


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This is already being done IIRC. Expect it an update soon.
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@up: I've downloaded 1.0.1 and there are no pan sound block. The only access to it is as I think, via code-mode.

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A pan sound on channel X block would be great  8)


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It is possible with code, but there's problems if you try doing it continuously (every frame).


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If we are using stereo effects, reverb would be very useful.

When I play sound through a speaker, the stereo image is much better with it.  Without that, the stereo effect is very weak and often jarring, which can be fixed with a basic reverb.  It would also be useful for spatial effects.

For control, Reverb settings can be narrowed down to a few simple variables, like "Size" and "Amount" to control the size of the space and the the wet/dry mix, respectively.

Alternatively, it could use presets, like "Room", "Hall", "Cave", and "Outdoor"

If it is a possibility, you should search for some low-CPU freeware reverb.
or something