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For those of you who would like the English language in your Stencyl games proof-read prior to release, I will be happy to do it for free.

I can't guarantee time-scales, but I will endeavour to complete requests as quickly as possible.

My preference would be that you provide a list of words / phrases as plain text, rather than asking me to work my way through your game!

I don't really want to attach too many conditions, but please can you only request assistance if your game is close to completion and you are going to make it public or, if you are ready to sell it (e.g. on

I suppose you might ask why I am offering this 'service'... I understand that not everyone has great English language skills and, for some of you, English will not be your first language. I have seen some great games created with Stencyl, but there are often spelling and grammatical errors which detract from the overall quality of the game. English is one of my skills, so if I can help anyone out, I will be happy to do so.
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That's really great. If I will ever get close to finishing my project I will need someone to help me like that. Thanks for this proposition.