Semblance: A Platformer of Sorts (FINAL VERSION NOW ON NEWGROUNDS!)


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Semblance is my first game, and it's also my first attempt to make an experimental art game/thought experiment thingy.
I tried to make it as deep as possible, but I'm only 14 so please excuse me if the monologue isn't really emotionally capturing  :-\

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Ummm... 8.34/10
I can't pass the Level 5 -_-"
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Click and drag the blue block. :)


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I enjoyed it. On my end it got a bit laggy at times which made it kind of harder to enjoy, but it has a lot of neat stuff going for it. I like how the text is incorporated into the game very well. Sometimes it's a platform, sometimes it's just more dialogue that reveals more about the player.

Overall, neat. I liked it. Could use a bit more refinement here and there but I found the music and design fitting. Graphics aren't spectacular, but it gets the idea across.


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This is your first game?  I look forward to your tenth!


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Thanks for the feedback guys.
I'm continually updating the demo and tweaking the mechanics, so there's likely a lot more stuff from when you last played it.


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I really admire your honesty and self expression.

If you begin to get some success your biggest challenge will probably be to take feedback with a pinch of salt (positive and negative) whilst still expressing yourself honestly. Basically not "selling out"..

Keep doing what you're doing and question EVERY tiny piece of the game: sound, gameplay, art, structure.. and how it lends to the players emotion + the narrative as a whole.

I think if you keep up the honesty and perhaps even chronicle your own personal growth in games, you will really be putting something of VALUE out there, and people will respond in a real way to it.