Dungeon of Genesis


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Have a fun time playing this one I wanted to make a role playing game with action!
This was my first try at this, there are nine heroes but only three are out at the start. You will need to find a way to unlock them as you play through the game.

WASD Keys – Moves
Left Click – Attack
Space = Jump
P Key = Pause


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I want to let everyone know, I will be taking requests for tutorials, so if you would like to see a specific tutorial made, comment here
or email at Sunrisekingdomtutorial@gmail.com
Stencylworks video tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDfRfjzr9j4&
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Well, it runs fairly well. Unfortunately the graphics and music (with a very discernible loop) weigh it down. The gameplay too is nothing to really write home about. There are gems you can collect but I don't know what the point of that is. (Arguably there are a lot of games that introduce these collecting-frenzies for no reason, but I feel like good games will attach a reason to make it feel less gimmicky.) You can jump and shoot and stuff but there isn't a lot of enemy variation from what I've played which admittedly, isn't a lot since it failed to grab my interest. :/

I think that you could have expanded some more with gameplay variety. There are three pretty distinct character-types you have there. A knight (usually associated with close-combat), an archer (long-range combat), and a mage (sometimes a mix of the two). But while playing them they controlled nearly the same way. There are indeed differences, but not nearly enough to make me feel like I was controlling unique characters.

If I were making this game it would focus more on the possibilities of each character and including different ways to tackle a level instead. Maybe a level will include a mystical gate that can only be opened by a mage and it reveals a secret gem or something that you can then use to upgrade your character outside of a level. Maybe certain areas have a lot of monsters and it wouldn't be the best idea to fight them as a mage or archer, but the knight will not have a problem with it. The mage or archer would have to find a way around.

I think this game could be improved much more than it is currently. I hope I don't sound too harsh, but this is how I felt going through it. Anyway, whatever you decide to do, I wish you the best of luck!


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Hello friend!!! I quite enjoyed your tutorials cause thats the way that i learned my first steps on stencyl.

I played the game and it a great idea, but needs some improvement.

- The way that shoot arrows, the arrow is too slow and the player may outrun the missile.

- The walljump is kinda awkard

- More animations for walking, jumping.

- Fix some collision issues.

- Change the color of the background or the color of the enemies missiles, cause its really really hard to see incoming missiles.

- Improve the background, cause its really weird and make it very dizzy.

Ok thats my review! Hope that helps for you to improve the game! You should play more your game and test how everything "feels", if something feels not right, you should fix it a little more.