First game: Cute Kingdom


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I've been fiddling with Stencyl for awhile now and decided to settle down and build a game!

I'm still working a bit on the graphics ^^; The characters are my own, ( )

I had actually lost all the information of the original game because my computer died, so techinically this would be ver. 2.0

I'll be adding in the Coin pickup system and a few other things (The language balloon was edited in for now) and I will be posting updates here and there :)


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You have the most sickingly cute characters I've ever seen. I'll be asking you to work with me in the near future. Doesn't mean you'll accept it, but I'll still ask you to.

= Great.

And you can make them with a dark naughty twist too, like your litle Succubus.

Cuddos to you my dear lady. Cuddos indeed.

P.S. I forgot about the game. Looks great! :)

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This is SO CUTE, OMG.  FINALLY.  More CUTE games.  XD  Before it was just Bridget (whom I know you know), and semi-me except I don't make games, I just attempt and fail miserably =< .

These are really cute graphics, I'd love to hear more on what it's about!  Totally looking forward to this, please keep us updated =3 .

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I am BonBonBunny and I approve this message.  megusta.gif

Yes yes yes yes yes!!  WELCOME ABOARD THE CUTIE GAME CRUSADERS.  I am excited for this project and can't wait to see how it develops. <3

Ali if you makes you feel better I didn't really complete any games either, they are all just attempts, too. 8I


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The cute games genre definitely has a near monopoly on artistic talent around here. That's some great pixel work.


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Totally adorable! I'm really looking forward to this!

I sorta dabbled into "cute" games too. But like most of my projects, they never got too far. This isn't the place to talk about that though so I'll stop.

But Stencyl does need more cute games like this!