Love to hear what you think of the art style

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Hi every been wanting to make my own games for some time but dont know first thing about C++ or C# so trying to lean the basic, anyway more of a art love in game just wanted to hear what you think of the art style iam going with?


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Its a good look! I think the first two ingame screenshots have a great deal of "dead" space where nothing is going on, and the backgrounds on them are a bit plain. That said, the other screenshots are stunning.
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Stunning!! You're an extremely talented artist!


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That looks great. The necks disturb me though. Especially hard to spot in the in-game shots. If  you don't look closely it's almost as if he doesn't have a neck, just a floating head. The rest is tops though,  really talented as ipe said.


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The bottom 2 sorta remind me of this guys game:

Very nice artwork. If we were to compare my artwork, and yours, yours would be here -

                                                                                       and mine would be here -


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It looks great, and it has a unique style to it too.

But there are still many ways you can improve it. The proportions seem to be off and the players legs are too stiff/rectangular. Some of the tiles are in a different graphic style, or were resized 2x mixing in with the 1x tiles. The same goes for the support beams on the bottom pic, where they don't seem to fit in with the other graphics.

Some of the lines could use some smoothing out with some anti-aliasing techniques. Like in the title image(I'm assuming), the players legs would probably be better off drawing in the same style with anti-aliasing. The eyes look like they got telephones inside of em.

I hope I didn't come off as rude, but giving some helpful advice. Keep going!  ;)


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Before I start of I want to say that that tileset.........looks incredibly AWESOME!!!
The art overall is a my opinion..pixel and vector fusion that looks extremely well the way you use it. Many artist have difficulties in combining pixel and vector art styles. You seem to have finished it up in no time.

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Very Unique i like it alot.