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Why do i always have a low frame rate when i have actors on my scene?


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Actors are performance heavy, especially with physics enabled.  How many actors do you have?


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There are hundreds of possibilities. First, when the game is running, hit tilde (~) to bring up the console. Do you see any error messages or constant lines of text running by? That would be a huge performance sink. Next, do you have very intensive code running in a "always" event? Things like complicated math or creating actors can be expensive to do every update (about 10ms). Along that same line, are you creating timed tasks in an "always" event? That will rack up a huge number of them very quickly.

If none of those suggestions help, perhaps you could disable behaviors on your actor/scene until you find which one is really killing performance, then post a screenshot of it here so we can try to figure out what's causing the problem.