8-bit or 16-bit?


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Which is the type of art that makes the game look pixely, but nice looking?  (Look at the gam Tiny Guns for reference)

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I'd say 8 bit makes it look pixely (look at super mario bros on the nes) but i like 16-bit more , it's more "graphical" but still pixely so it combines both (look at sonic the hedgehog ) ...

so you choose which one you'd like ...
my opinion is 16-bit
good luck


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I'd say it depends on the type of game you're making, if you're making a simple game use 8-bit as it fits your theme but if you're making a more fully fleshed out game then I'd suggest 16-bit. Personally I prefer 16-bit as it's more visually appealing but harder to make than 8-bit. Good luck with your game  :D

Also could you give us a link to the game 'Tiny Guns', as I've never heard of it before?

Edit: Okay, I've found it, I would say that's 16-bit.

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