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I'm pretty much a total noob to all this, but I have some lofty aspirations for my game. There's sooooo much I have to learn. Not only do I need to understand the programming language, but I need to understand how all the elements of my game work together. So I've put a few weeks aside where I'm intently focusing on the game, & nothing but the game.
Result: I've begun to dream in code.

I usually go to bed right after working on the game (right after that weird pop in my brain tells me I've had too much), & I'll lay there thinking about what I've learned & what I still need to do. And all night my dreams are filled with green, yellow, blue, purple & red blocks, trying out rulesets & code structures, dreaming the results. Sometimes I even wake up with a solution to last night's problem.

Has anybody else experienced this?


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That is so cool! Never have I dreamed of Stencyl coding, although I do get things stuck in my head after a lot of focus, like with board games, or with unusual physical sensations like jumping on a trampoline. But never have I been chased by laggy loop groups, or flew over clouds of "if" statements. And certainly, never have I had the focus to fix problems in specific code. Kudos to you and your dedication. I am envious.


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This has happened to me a few times. Nearly every time I work on games before bed. My dreams will consist of problems, and I have to solve them logically. I usually wake up, and feel like I got no rest at all.


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Phil Fish says he can subconsciously design levels in his sleep and make them when he wakes up. I'd pay money to be able to do that. :(


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Lucid dreaming seems to make that possible. There are some tips about it on the internet and there are items that aid lucid dreaming, like REM masks. I haven't tried it yet personally, as it requires some trial-and-error/discipline (like having a dream journal, while it's optional I heard it does help) and I don't own a REM mask, but word goes that it works.
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HA! I've done it a couple times except I wasn't really controlling myself it just happened and when I woke up it actually fixed a couple of problems.


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I have only once had a useful dream. It was about 15 years ago when I dreamt that I had solved a really difficult problem interfacing a web-based system to a back-end SQL server which was used for indexing external documents held in a separate file-system.

When I thought about the dream later that day, I realised that I really had dreamt-up a solution and I was able to implement it!

Every other dream that I have ever had has been nonsense.
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Nope, I seem to be unable to design games while sleeping :(