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Storing resources on Forge while leaving them private is exactly what "cloud" storage is.
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i know it,but using a throwaway account for every common project seems a waste to me.

i'd like more the option to make a private resource public only for some others accounts, retaining the right of making it private again or the right of adding more people.
This way your password remain secret, or you don't have to create fake accounts, you know who can see it and the common password can't be broken(to see all the project you must break all the accounts).
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offline or manual help


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Please limit the number of characters available for making comments in the stencyl forge. Apparently there are people who think it's funny to post 600 page blobs of gibber (don't believe me go look at the comments under the"Jump and Run-extended" kit).

Also would be nice if we had some kind of posted/enforced rules for commenting on resources in the stencyl forge. Something with teeth that would allow the admins to revoke the Stencyl Forge commenting privileges of those who abuse them, or something along those lines.
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On Mac OS X inside the drop-down menu if you want to check if a new release of Stencyl is available you have to choose File -> Check for updates; That's not very mac-esque, since Mac users are used to have this choice under the name of the app itself.

Since English is not my native language and I'm not sure if I explained this issue clearly, let me make an example:

Actually the Stencyl menu under Mac OS X has:

Stencyl  File  View  Run  Publish  Extensions  Debug  Help

I'd like to ask you if you could move the update checker under Stencyl -> Check for updates when Stencyl is running on a Mac


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Support for the Fizzy Game Loading System.
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I'm often offline, and it would be great to be able to download Stencylpedia in order to use it and learn as I develop, wherever I go.  PDF would be ideal, as would a torrent of the various tutorial videos.  Heck, with a torrent Stencyl wouldn't even have to host them to download them.


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enable simple calculation in setter blocks for numbers like 2*32 or 4+4


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What about 36%7 like, calculation?
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Not sure if this has been mentioned, but it is something that is very minor.

I had the problem where the bullets were not colliding with the enemy ships in the crash course. It turns out that, although you may THINK that your collision groups are set up properly, if you did not press "okay" [and closed it with "x" instead] it will not save and apply the collision groups properly. However, if you open the menu again, it will LOOK like the collision groups are set up just fine.


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The pause block pauses all the active timers.Right now it freezes only actors' movement.

This is needed when you have bullet that last a definite amount of time.The player could just pause the game and wait for the bullet to kill themselves...
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what about a google+ community?


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I wish the Stencyl forum had what Scratch forums have: a way to insert block code without using pictures.  This way, you can post without needing Stencyl on that computer (like if you're not at home and want to post).  I also think there is potential for better editing as it could be copy/pasted and edited in your post.
And no more of this:
If requesting help with a Behavior, take a screenshot of it (click the camera button ) and attach to your post.

Also I agree with Silux (except I need it because my game relies heavily on rhythm and pause screws up that rhythm).  At least have a place to put a Boolean in case anyone wants it not to pause.


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In stencylforge, if an actor type or behavior isn't in the new section or any other section, the only way to see it is to search it's name, i think that sections, for example most downloaded, shoud have pages  so that there could be 10 actors or behaviors in the first page, 10 on the second one and so on


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On Mac, it took me about 4 days to find the Preferences button, which is in the Stencyl button at the top-right. Maybe make Preferences more visible?