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Yes, but he didn't just lucky dip a programming language do no tutorials or test projects and get it right away..


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Yes, those are reasons why he was pretty talented from the start. You can learn about programming languages, read up on tutorials, and practice the fundamentals of game design right from the beginning.


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Jon Blow's first game was Braid, it is pretty amazing. (he has other projects on his site, but they are unfinished)
Crytech's first game was Far Cry, which is very good.
Treasure's first game was Gunstar Heroes, which is a cult classic.

There are some truly talented individuals from the start. Hence why I don't accept the "your first games will suck" teaching that some game design books choir about, since it's an unnecessary demotivator that isn't a certainly. Some people are great from the start, and other will need further training. Such is life.
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Many game development companies such as Valve and Rockstar made very impressive games right from the start. Daisuke Amaya's first game was Cave Story, one of the most notable indie games to date. I don't think these are rare prodigies either, there are other examples of people with high standards that have achieved this.
There's a lot of malarkey here. Valve and Rockstar are and were composed of experienced individuals with lots of prior experience and Pixel's first finished game wasn't Cave Story.

It's extremely rare for someone to be great at something from the beginning. Making a bunch of incomplete stuff and eventually releasing a game doesn't count, and neither does a studio's first game since everyone there has experience. My point was that not everyone is bad from the absolute beginning.


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When referring to a studio I'm not acknowledging talent on an individual level, first products are always a challenge to make successful and I was referencing the 'you have to start bad' statement in other areas, but it's void like you say if we're only discussing individuals. I was wrong on my Daisuke fact but I wanted to point to him as a popular model for somebody who never outright failed. I was only trying to echo your point, specifics aside.

I know I'm being defensive but I don't want to look like a looney.


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But screw you. ;)

Damn ain't that a little ruff to write that?? What i meant is that your first game not necessarily is bad, but that you learn things while making the games. So yeah i probably made a mistake writing that you first had to be bad before you can become good. Since some had some knowledge about making games before starting with Stencyl. So if i could change my sentence about that to:" You will get better by time" I can't see anyone having a argument against that..;)   
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