Please help me understand the Tile Sheet Editor.


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I'm with a team that's used Tiled in the past, and for that we would build a tile sheet as an image and the program would reference that image.  Re-import the image and the tile sheet would update seamlessly.

Now for the life of me I can't figure out how the Stencyl tile sheet editor could have anything like the same functionality.  It seems to import an asset and cut it into a bunch of new images that it splices together into a tile sheet.  Then, rather than updating the image, you import new assets, which it cuts into more tiles and adds on to the tile sheet. 
Is it possible to re-import a tile set, as in Tiled? 
When it imports a new image, how does it choose where to place it in the tile sheet? 
Once I've imported an asset, is it possible to reposition it? 
Why is it importing this image and cutting it into this monstrosity?  Is there any way to fix this except by deleting all of the offending rows and columns one at a time?

I have a feeling these are all stupid questions, but I can't find many resources or tutorials on the Tile Sheet Editor specifically.  Stencylpedia is woefully lacking.  Help would be greatly appreciated.


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yes i like your idea.


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No those aren't stupid questions.  I don't think you can replace multiple tiles at this time, but if someone knows a way please post here.


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Well, we eventually wound up solving our own problem. 

When you import an image for a tile sheet, Stencyl creates a new image in your game's resources folder.  Find that image, "586.png" in our case, and edit that file to update the tile set.

I can't see any point in using Stencyl's "Import Tiles from Sheet" command beyond the creation of that initial image.