Visual Tearing Issue

In my current game, I've got a serious visual glitch occurring on one image that makes me see visual tears as it moves across the screen, horizontal lines that are basically showing part of the image in one place and the rest somewhere else. I've done some research on this and I found out that

1. This is a problem with Flash itself, not Stencyl or my code exactly,
2. my image combines all of the things that make tearing likely to happen (tall images moving horizontally across the screen, etc.), and
3. that setting something called wmode to direct might make this stop.

So, anyone know how to do this? I assume it needs to be done with a code behavior somehow but I have no Actionscript skills to speak of to help me out here in setting wmode.


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Normally you'd set it while exporting the video or embedding it on a page, I don't think there's anything you can do about it design or code-wise. I also don't think that Stencyl has an option for this, so you're left with the second option - set it while embedding. I dunno what sites let you do this, or even if any of the major ones do.

Ugh, okay. No possible way to move my .swf to a different program that can export with this setting changed, perhaps? If not, then I need to re-examine my options somehow to get rid of this ugly defect. Thanks anyway.


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What sort of option would we need to set to do this?

I'm not sure exactly, because I'm doing the best I can to research up to understanding the issue. The bad part is that it may not even be an issue on anything besides a Windows XP (what I use) according to what I've read. Here's an article that seems to pretty solidly discuss the issue, and the only tearing fix that worked for every system was setting wmode to direct in the Flash embed options.