edit: self fix! Do not forget to update flash and java!


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A classic resource corruption error pops up on game creation...
things I have tried:
 editing xml file.
 re updating
 redownloading original install
 then reinstalling
 then re updating
 then getting really frustrated

give a choice where to install the game
 I hate "My Documents" with a fiery passion...

in the animation editor, a copy and paste for groups of frames would save alot of time.

useful information:

i run windows xp

i am a flash newb, but I have spent time in other gamemaking environments

this would be a great alternative to adobe's gash-grabbing uber-bundle nightmare clustercuss flash authoring stuff, IF i could get it working.



Yup, (not very) out of date java and flash seem to have been my problem. I got new versions of both and most of my problems seem fixed! Back to making my game, yay!

Anyhoo, thanks for the nice free game building suite! Keep up the good work!


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