Check my Game Blocky Animals !!!!!!


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hello im new in the game dev and if you people can check my game and tell me if you like it so far?
it will be very helpfull for me if you can help.I will release it when it finished on ios.

Any help is welcome the game has only 4 levels yet.

how to play
Just try to get the player to the goal and try to get as much stars as you can and avoid any green stars for now.More enemies and kill blocks to come

Features  so far........:
1.  easy to play
2.  4 challenging levels.
3.  Cool sounds
4.  in Achievement system.
5.  Cool Graphics.
6.  Strategically collect stars
7.  Fan
Can you collect them all........

the name is "blocky animals " and is under the Newest Work in Progress Games
the link is
Thank you all. ;)

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ipe 369

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I couldn't find it, searched through 7 pages. Can you provide a link? thanks :)


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I found your game and played it. It was not bad. the stars were good, but it is not a game i would play twice. liked the music in the beginning but got old quickly. *thumbs up* for a  good first game.


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Tips for the future:
-The title of your game as the title of the thread.
-Provide a link. It's simple and easier for your audience.
-Don't ask people to play your game: convince them with a description of the game, its genre, what's interesting about your game, and perhaps some screen shots.
My Stencyl resources are available here:
Cutscenes, RPG Elements, Particles, Map System and many more.


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thank Luyren  for your reply and your good tips  8)

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saberslayer have you got some ideas how to make it re playable

thank you