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I'm working on the story for my next game which will be a shooter called "The Princess Rescue".  Basically it's about a princess who's prince is a lazy, unemployed artist who never worked a day in his life but always complains that he is always too busy and the princess just doesn't understand what it's like being important to society.  One day the prince is kidnapped by local gang members and the princess mounts a rescue, for which the prince is not grateful for at all. PRINCE "Why did it take you 2 hours to get me, now I've missed the first quarter of the game, I hope your happy!"  This carries on each level being more difficult and the weapons getting bigger until the second to last where an attack helicopter hoisting a tank is used to defeat the enemies.  PRINCE "Did you really have to bring the tank?  I'm still hungover from last night.  You never think about anyone but your self, do you?"  That night the princess chloroforms the prince and has a bomb installed in him.  The next time he gets kidnapped the princess blows up the prince and all the kidnappers.  The butler, standing right behind the princess: BUTLER "Looks like he really could" pause while putting on a pair of sunglasses "light up a room."  A grin appears across the face of the princess, she jumps on him and they fall to the floor in an embrace.  Heart wipe and the end.

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So you've described the story - which could be good and full of all sorts of humor (which I like) - but not the game.

What kind of game do you think this story would best fit? What do you envision the gameplay to be like?
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A first person shooter would be awesome but I will probably do a side scrolling shooter because there is a kit available for that and I'm not good at programming.  The story will be played out between the levels in animations which I could do in gimp.


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So far, this seems like a pretty solid concept for a game, and I'd love to see a demo sometime!

The story seems pretty good, and like Hectate said, could be full of humor and the like.  The gameplay you described sounds pretty solid, and the inbetween level cutscenes is a good idea. In all, it's a good start, and I'd really like more!