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An extension for more control over sounds would be great: I'm thinking specifically about panning sounds left/right, altering pitch and tempo, etc.

Here's a link Jon provided that can help with panning: http://www.haxenme.org/api/types/nme/media/SoundTransform.html

If it's not too difficult to implement then I think many people would find it useful.


Also, an extension for sorting lists in various different ways, like from high->low value or low->high or alphabetically. Maybe giving the option of different sorting algorithms like bubble sort or quick sort.

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An extension to support haXe's Pixel Bender implementation would be fantastic.  I may look into it :o


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An extension to send an email from within an app on iOS and Android.

I would add this but I am clueless on how to do a native extension (I read through Stencylpedia and I am still confused).


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an Extension to integrate MoPub (Ads mediator network) to Stencyl... I've been researching how to do it and it's giving me a headache

What's the point of the 'color' field whilst writing code for extensions ? The resulting block is green colored anyway..
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I don't think Jon has finished implementing all the extension features yet, like color and other block types that are mentioned in the sample document (events, wrappers).

I'd like if all extension blocks weren't put in the custom tab.
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Here's a vote for a Gamepad extension for osx and windows desktop builds  :)


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Extension for external image or flv/mp4 movie? Load an image, resizing and attach to an actor as a label.


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With the pre-shipped Video Player behavior you can play flv movies in Flash.


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Where can I find it in Stencyl 3.0? I only want an ingame external image importer for an universal app (flash, iOS and Android), but i can't find a good howto.

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You can find the pre-shipped behaviors when you attach a behavior to an actor or scene http://www.stencyl.com/help/view/pre-shipped-behaviors/

There's no behavior to load external images though. I have one for 2.x but not for 3.0. For Flash it's probably not too difficult, but I wouldn't know how to do it for iOS/Android.


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More Ideas

- Full facebook intergration. (score submitting,sharing, compare with friends, compete with friends etc)
    - Perhaps to have the ability to take a screenshot in game and post it to facebook/twitter
- Full Twitter intergration (same as above)
- Google play game services
- Admob service (working one)
-intergrade bink video

Perhaps not for exensions but for stencyl.
- Ability to order your games in folders (dashboard)
- Ability to cut/past part of a scene (tiles/actor etc)
- A better way to handle My library. I have tons of stuff in one game I can re-use in an other game. Thus a way to export your behaviors from a game to a library. You can add the preship behaviors to this aswell.makes it user friendlier

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These are the ones I am interested in and have looked at doing myself, so if there is no good solution by the time I need these and have time, I'll probably start with these.

PlayerIO and Spine actually seem pretty easy to get started, both have code that is pretty much extension ready, just a matter of translating it for the toolset.  Haven't looked into spriter.

edit: Also I agree with above post about the non extension specific thing about folders, but would go one farther and request subfolders within the folders.  I like to stay organized and not being able to do something like having a folder for Enemies, then having a folder for each level in that folder is a hassle.  Otherwise I end up with too many folders on the dashboard or too many enemies in one folder.

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Perlin noise blocks. Apparently the current implementation in Haxe is only available in flash.
The mobile/standalone implementation was missing a line of code and now it works, although it doesn't match Flash exactly.  I'm thinking about making an extension for this, and I'm still considering what blocks to include.  The four I'm planning on including so far are set BitmapData, get new BitmapData, get BitmapData from actor's animation, and of course a perlin noise block.