Need help for converting a file!


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Hi everybody,
This hasn´t exactly anything to do with games, but a lot with art. In my art class, we are making posters for a competition, where you have to design a poster for something called "skolernes sangdag" (the schools songday). You can win an Ipad, and I think I have an okay chance of winning.

But, when I tried to convert from svg to pdf, everything got screwed up in the new file. There was three big, black squares in the middle, and all the text was gone (only in the pdf, my svg is as it was).

So does anybody know what to do? My poster won´t be counted in the competition, unless it´s a pdf.

i´ve linked the svg down below.


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I have a licensed version of Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional here at work. One moment...

Acrobat claims that the file is damaged. It suggests you try to "print as PDF" instead.
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