[FUTURE] Break up animations into individual files [Jon]


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I am testing on HTC Desire Z android phone and I have counted (according to sprite size), that I can store exactly 15 frames (130 x 86) in a square 512 x 512.
Then made "left" animation 15 frames (starting from frame 0, 1, 2,....,14) and "right" 16,.....so while moving left everything was fine and while moving right sprite was filled with white.

Should mention, that I didn't test with one actor exclusively,...so it may be that somehow overall scene limitation influenced this particular sprite. However I have one more actor with long animation and it is still white (I have yet to optimise it's sprite size and count)

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We're working on this now that 3.0's out. I'm moving this into the "Completed" queue in anticipation of that and will open up a new topic when it's finally done.