[Tutorial]Clean up your Game Attribute array!


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I've seen many tutorials give away that people often make a large array of Game Attributes in their Settings. This can potentially bloat up a game, so I have an idea of how to clean it up:

1. Make a list game attribute for any general menus, actors or command menus you want to make.

2. Insert a text variable inside the list standing for the list's attributes(for example, the list of options: sound, video, etc. and for actors: HP MP DEF, etc.).

3. Make a behavior that splices the variables in the list, so that they have different values assigned to them( for example, HP=9999, Volume=Low, etc.).

4. Make other types of game attributes for the variable that least matters(for example, Gold as a Number).

5. Now you have the setup for making the actual things the game really needs! Just make behaviors with them in mind!

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