My first completed Stencyl game - Jumping Bob


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I write to show you a Flash game I have recently made. The game title is Jumping Bob and is a 2D retro-style platform game similar to Donkey Kong but with extended features such as sliding platforms, disappearing platforms and so on. The game was realized in the last 3-4 months in the spare time using Stencyl. It features 12 levels. To gain access to the last level the player must collect all the 11 keys present in the previous levels. The contact with an enemy or falling from too high causes the loss of a life. After all lives are lost the game is over, the player has the chance to continue the game but the score resets. The game implements Mochi scoreboard system. A complete video walkthrough for all the 12 levels is hosted on Youtube and can be accessed in the Help section.

It can be played at my web site


The video trailer of the game can be found at


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Hey man, i played it for a bit, and it really felt like those games I used to play as a kid. Lovely work. That jump is a tiny bit wonky though lol made easy gaps a bit harder than is necessary. In my opinion at least.


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it reminds me of NES, donkey kong.... ;D