Music composer for stencyl


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Does someone know a good free application for music making?

Actually i'm using Audacity and my piano but is quite long to make a good piece working!
I'd like to make music digitally and with many kind of tunes(i can synthetize tunes too)
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SunVox, LMMS, Famitracker (if you going for NES music), Musagi (very hard), Jeskola Buzz.

This is only few.

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Well there is anvil studio but it's not exactly user friendly in my own honest opinion.

Then there's the fact that it exports in .mid but you can simply use an audio converter for that I believe.
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Reaper is the "high-class yet free until you decide to pay for it" DAW. Then when you do pay it's only $40. You'll think it's more complex than Audacity for about a week and then you'll think it's far simpler, just stick with it and practice for a while.

Once you have Reaper you can start downloading free VSTi and you should be able to go anywhere from there.