Space Shooter: Matching Scroll speed


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My Goal: to make both ship idle and scroll speed the same so that screen will scroll without moving the ship.

Using the Camera pack given, the fighter always moves ahead at M speed when idle to keep up with the scroll speed. However scroll speed is determined by distance of (Y / Slide duration), Y being the length of the map. Since these two numbers are not the same type - one is an integer, the other a fraction - it will be extremely difficult to make the speeds match over various distances of Y. How can I adjust the scroll behavior so that scroll speed is based on the M constant so that the screen scroll and ship speed are the same?

I sure hope that makes sense...

I tried to replace the Camera slide behavior with a Force behavior to move at the M constant but then it will not scroll at all.

It should also be noted that the presented facts are based on my experiments. I can be misunderstanding the pre-made scroll behavior.