login bug on safari on apple osx snow leopard


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After I login the join/sign in thing is still there but when I go to another page, I can see my username. Shouldn't my username come up right after I login? Thats what my windows computer does.



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Could I get a screenshot of exactly what you see after signing in? Also, from where are you trying to sign in? There are quite a few points where you can sign in.


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I was trying to login from the stencyl.com main site.

I don't think a screenshot would help much... it was just exactly the same as the normal main site. I logged in, the page reloaded, the sign in link was still there. I sign in again, the page reloads, the sign in link is still there. I go to the forums to report the bug, then I look at the top-right corner and I see my username...

It would be good if you could fix this bug because its pretty confusing... I don't often use the mac anyways so yea... I'm on my windows now. ;)