In Need of Side-View Batlle Sprites for 3 Characters!


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I coded my way into an almost, over-halfway-finished demo for "The Summer Vacation Chronicles". Now I found monster sprites that fit into the battle scenes when I code them into it. When I was able to start the game, I found out they had no main characters to fight. I need templates of 3 characters that are unique to their classes including:

-a main who is one of them using a device that shape-shifts into many weapons

-a wizard using fire and poison spells, and his hat for causing natural disasters

-and a priestess who wields lightning and holy elements

Please keep in mind that this is supposed to be Mario-&-Luigi-esque to the core(the characters are capable of executing tag-teamwork techniques) when making the sprites. Those that do this will get their name in the credits, along with sharing 75% of whatever gained in the Graphics department (I do the artwork, too).


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Sorry i am not gonna do the sprites.. but i like your proposal, 75% of the money ' the game's art' makes.. How is that calculated   ???


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The number of resources used to to make the game's art + the resulting rating the art gets - other peoples' art + your art.