Access of Undefined Property nameMap


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I just recovered from the resource list bug.,1474.0.html

Now, and I'm assuming this is a side affect, the game won't run because of an "access of Undefined Property nameMap." This error turns up over and over on several behaviors.

It's not just in the bugged file either. Fresh kits do it aswell.

In the actual code, though I built from blocks, such erroneous code reads much like the following snipit:
         nameMap["Player Actor Type"] = "_PlayerActorType";
nameMap["Player Actor"] = "_PlayerActor";
nameMap["Player Feet Position"] = "_PlayerFeetPosition";
nameMap["Platform Solid Animation"] = "_PlatformSolidAnimation";
nameMap["Platform Pass Through Animation"] = "_PlatformPassThroughAnimation";
nameMap["Colliding?"] = "_Colliding";
nameMap["Collided?"] = "_Collided";
nameMap["Actor"] = "actor";

So, do I just need to do a replace all on nameMap and, if so, to what? Any ideas?

Edit: I think I resolved this for myself by applying an auto-update after the original patches.

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