I can't figure out the NPC character dialog


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I am trying to figure that one out.. keep getting errors, or it does nothing.

I am making a top down game.  Do I attach the dialog to the actor, or to the NPC character?
What do I do to make the dialog start?  I put my player on the NPC character.. or near it..
press enter..and nothing happens.  I tried hacking it, but messed up the code so badly I removed
it from the game I am working on.

I set the character to "no image" for dialog box.  Boy.. I can't figure it out.

I tried the RPG example .. and it's giving me a syntax error in dialog box core.. I have no idea what is wrong.

This was a fresh dialog pack that I downloaded today.  It was blowing up, so I tried the RPG example.  I am not even sure how it's supposed to work.

Update: been hackin' at it since yesterday.. I got the dialog pack simplified.  The NPC dialog.. where does it show up? 

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