Android Keystore Certificate path garbled


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Hello, wanted to report that the path shown when I generate an Android Keystore is full of invalid windows characters like forward slashes and double backslashes. The stencyl.keystore file appears to be created ok as far as I can tell. Here's my path:

C:\Documents and Settings\Jim/Application Data/Stencyl/stencylworks\android-sdk\\android-sdk-windows\stencyl.keystore

Using XP, SP2

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Mine too. Just uploaded to Google Play and the first try at downloading I received a message saying, "Package file is not signed correctly"

I didn't receive any errors in Stencyl while publishing. After reviewing some of the developer forums about this problem. I'm finding it to be a random issue. I'm hoping that it's only doing this because it's a new upload and needs time to filter.

All other tester downloads are taking a really long time. It's been over an hour from google for each user. The game is only 27 mg.

If anyone has any input or advice thank you in advance.

I will update as I learn more.


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The stencyl.keystore file appears to be created ok
Using XP, SP2

keystore created ok? But where? I have the same issue and I tried searching my computer for the keystore but unable to find it?
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