Impossible Pixel [V1.5.1]


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So cool , way to go!


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I'd love to do a follow-up interview-style post with you on the creation and marketing process, if you're interested -- particularly on your experience working with AppGratis.

In the middle of this crazy past day I was completely oblivious to this one post Joe... Sorry about that ! I would absolutely love to do an interview, feel free to contact me to do it !

Thank you all for your support ! It was the weirdest day of my life so far.. I did a complete round up this morning before the app went back to its selling price and here is what I got :

It finished the day #2 in Top Donwloaded Apps in the US App Store. (In front of Plants & Zombies !)

#1 Top Downloaded App in 9 Countries
#2 in 30 Countries
Top 10 in 53 Countries

Main Countries :

#1 in Macedonia, Jordan, Romania, Lebanon, Slovakia, Croatia, Portugal, Switzerland and Uruguay
#2 in Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Bulgaria, Mexico, Albania, Pakistan, Germany, Spain, Egypt, UK, France, Luxembourg, Hungary, Belgium, US
#3 in Italy, Czech Republic, Austria

And to answer bonzero it takes apparently 633 000 downloads a day to reach those spots and 225 000 in the US. Keep those to yourself ;)


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woot over half a million!!! awesome, now pray that 10% of that will buy the game ;)

Damn ! You're rich ! Did you pay App Gratis to get your app featured ?
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I wish !!! People tend to buy more apps when they're free... I didn't pay AppGratis, I'll share more info with you when we'll do the interview with Stencyl's team.

I'll pray as hard as I can, all the gods on earth, just to be able to earn enough to make a new one.

I'll pray as hard as I can, all the gods on earth, just to be able to earn enough to make a new one.
Don't you get reports on iTunes Connect , you must know how much you got right ?
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Shoot me a PM or something..


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I know how many were downloaded but all those 633 000 downloads were free.


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Thanks Jooohn, impressive figures, I hope one day I'm able to get something like that.
I hope it keept the great sales after it became paid, usually there should be a halo effect there.

I wonder how much it could have made if it had iAds or in-app


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congratulations !!  ;)
just doing my best


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A new version of Impossible Pixel is about to be ready and we need a few people to test the game !

You can be on anything iOS, from iPod Touch 3 to iPhone 5 and iPad 3, no restriction ! Post your email here or send it to me personally and we'll send you a invite to the beta via Testflight ! I hope so see you all there !

You can also go there to get into the beta : !

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I wonder what ads do you use? because stencyl only can use iAD network, how you implement the other ads?

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Hi John,

Congrats with Impossible Pixel.

It's really inspired me to do a fast flowing platform game now.

May I ask how successful it has been with numbers/money? How many downloads do you get a day? How much money is made from pop up ads? My last game, Simple Mind Games, launched 4 weeks ago and has around 12,000 downloads with not much marketing.



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Hi Tom ! Thank you and good for you !

Impossible Pixel just passed 700 000 download. I cannot disclose the earnings but what I can say is that nothing is magical and despite everything marketing is a predominant part of the success of a product. Then if the business model works (either by In-App, ads or paid apps) and the product is good it should work overall. Study and analyze your numbers and optimize what you can !