[iOS] Full Screen mode - Wrong Screen Width/Height Scale [FIXED]


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When using Full Screen scale mode, the 'screen width & heights' supplied by Stencyl are incorect (in a 2x app, things were using double the value I believe).

Attached are example screenshots, one with 'perfect fit' another with 'full screen'. From iPhone 4s (960x640, 2x).

You can see the resulting problem, because I'm using screen's width & height to position my GUI, it gets positioned far beyond it's destination.

I hope it's a simple case of not adapting a correct screen scale to the calculations (like with labels before).

Here's also a part of the log:
Code: [Select]
[LOG] [iOS] Universal.hx:88: Stage Width: -1
[LOG] [iOS] Universal.hx:89: Stage Height: -1
[LOG] [iOS] Universal.hx:90: Screen Width: 960
[LOG] [iOS] Universal.hx:91: Screen Height: 640
[LOG] [iOS] Universal.hx:92: Screen DPI: 326
[LOG] [iOS] Universal.hx:182: Engine Scale: 2x
[LOG] [iOS] Universal.hx:270: Scale X: 1
[LOG] [iOS] Universal.hx:271: Scale Y: 1

Obviously I wanted Full Screen to work properly so I can test iPad builds to their best posibility.

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Fixed in new build from 20 nov that includes fullscreen fixes.