Add block to get linear velocity of actor


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For the longest time I have wondered why we have a block that lets us manually set the x or y speed of an actor, and then a block that lets us set its actual velocity, but we only have blocks to get the x or y speed of the actor.

There plenty of times where I want to get the actual linear velocity of an object, not the speed in one direction. So perhaps it would be a good idea to add this block.
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The Set X/Y speed blocks are a result of Flixel - that is, Flixel can only set X/Y speeds but it can also get them.

The set velocity block is a result of Box2D - that is, Box2D can apply or set a specific amount of force (called a Vector) to an object. Unfortunately, Box2D does NOT have a built-in way to get the velocity of an object for several different reasons. As a result, Stencyl doesn't either. I was looking for the very same thing at one time...

In theory you could get some math put together that would get the linear velocity based on the X and Y speeds though.
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I was also wondering why there is no such block. To get the linear velocity use pythagoras' theorem: sqrt(x-speed^2 + y-speed^2). Still would be nice if stencyl wrap this in a block...

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Pythagorean theory comes up a lot, both for this and for distances.  It would be great for beginners if this were an implemented block instead of having to make a custom one.

I seem to remember kids in my math classes complaining "When will we EVER use this stuff outside of school?"  Now I look back and laugh.
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