vendictive platformer. good idea or awful one?


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So I had this idea which amuses me at least which I could actually do (some of my bigger ideas are on hold because the artist dropped out and I don't want to ruin the game by having my terrible artwork)  which would be a sort of evil, evil platformer.

By that I don't mean like simply hard but one that tries to mess with the player. Such as having a sign with instructions on it, and having a PS that says 'yellow blocks disintegrate'  timed so the average player would finish reading it just before the tile they are on would disintegrate. Or having save blocks that would usually ask if you want to save but very occasionally would instead say 'would you like to die' and kill the player if they answer yes.

On the one hand it seems like fun to do, but on the other hand some players might get upset over it and downrate heavily.  IWBTG had a good following though so I'm not sure if this sort of thing would be worth doing or if it'd be better not to do it.


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as long as you can come up with more ways to "mess with the player" that sounds great like switching the gravity or key directions.  :)


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That could definitely be interesting. Provided you set up the player trap-ey things correctly, this game could be pretty hilarious. I wish you luck!


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Sounds like "I wanna be the guy", which isn't exactly my cup of tea, but there are clearly people who are amused by it.


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Interesting, you'd have to make it clear that the environment is owned and largely controlled by some hidden antagonist, who is giving you the "prospect of freedom" so he can watch you squirm.

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Someone did this. Pewdie pie did some video of him playing it... GImme a sec... Cat mario or something? Ah i dunno. They're called 'rage games' in the true spirit of someone from the internet. I like the idea, but if you're going to do this, make it BLATANTLY clear that you're doing this to mess with them, or they might not get the joke.


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I'm afraid I have to disagree with everybody above me - this isn't going to win you any fans. There are very few players who's motivation is to get frustrated by a game and by making a game that is fundamentally designed to frustrate them you're not going to get good feedback.

 I've worked in the games industry long enough to understand the desire to irritate the player (I worked on MMO's for several years) but it's bad business practice. Gamers play games as a means of escaping their frustrations in real life, they're not going to love a game that frustrates them even more! Obviously this is a generalist statement and there will be players who find a challenge in overcoming the obstacles you set them (so long as they can die repeatedly with impunity), however they will be the minority. The game will be down-rated rapidly and as a result won't be played by many people.