My actor's custom origin points are being ignored. How can I fix this?


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I know Stencylpedia recommends keeping all animations for an actor the same size, to prevent 'teleporting' when trying to string animations together, but in my case that's not practical; I'd end up with massive sprite sheets.

I'm ok with using the brute force method of manually adjusting a custom origin point for each animation, but it doesn't seem to be working. Even when I use custom origin points, changing the origin of an animation *sometimes* makes a difference, but yields unpredictable results.

Anyone else experiencing this?



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One way around it is to use "blank space" around actors (and then change the collision boxes to the right size). I have tried to manually do things in the past and have also experienced the randomness. Most of the time that came from the origin point (where you add the animation, at the top is a drop-down with several options) changing.
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Oh, I know where to specify a custom origin point; what i'm saying is, when I do so, those numbers seem to be being ignored. In fact, even if I switch the preset values (eg. change from 'bottom center' to 'top left') I am seeing no change.

I'm beginning to think now that it's related to the issue of the collision box coordinates *sometimes* not updating in an animation's collision tab when you manually punch them in.

Adding blank space is not an option, as my characters are quite hi-res, and the resulting sprite sheets would be hideously large.


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Ok I have now tried making all animation frames the same size, and they still won't register correctly. The only way I can get them to register is if all animation frames are on the same sprite sheet. As soon as I use a different sheet, they fail to register.

Has anyone had any success using multiple sprite sheets for a single actor?


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I apologize in advance if I have jumped to a wrong conclusion, but I get the feeling we're not all talking about the same thing.  Just to be clear, origin point in Stencyl is the point in actor coordinate space that an actor will rotate around and has nothing to do with the screen coordinate point x/y that refers to actor position and linear movement.


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I think we're on the same page Phil. I'm talking about the origin points that are set on a per animation basis.