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Watch the trailer here:

Play it at stencyl here:

EDIT: Watch the "making of" here:

Feedback welcome :)

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Wow Awesome job!... i can see a lot of work in this game!!!!! Congratulations!


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Congratulations on the release! Did you end up selecting a sponsor?


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You did a great work ! I hope you will meet the success you deserve.


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Congratz on completing the project. :)

Max Finch

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Congratulations on the release! Did you end up selecting a sponsor?
I've seen it on Armorgames ;)

Really great game. I read about it on your website and the story is a inspiration. I love how no matter how much I die into a million particles I don't get frustrated. I'm not bother by a stupid restart you fail menu and that's a +

Also the pixel art work is awesome. I wish I had pixel artist skills. Maybe later on in life. I'm happy that you released this game and hopefully it pays off all that junk.

Max Finch

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Ps. This game would be a great showcase game for stencyl ;)


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I've wanted to play this game ever since I saw that trailer for it. How come any of your game seems so good? I loved it from the music choice to the art to the gameplay. Hope you have a success with this amazing game.


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Nicely designed game and I like the interface. Got about 10 levels in and had to close it down as Im not the greatest at these type of games, and they start to make me pull my hair out - (and I have to be careful with what I have left  8) lol) But is well made anyhow - good luck with it Greg.


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Its been a long-time coming! Great work, Greg!


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I like the levels where you have to push the floating platforms. :)


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Just played through it. Awesome work!!! :)


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Completed the game today..

Had skipped the last level for all three area due to uber difficulty, but completing them now that the boss died :D


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Dislike: Jetpack,it has been the cause of most my irritating >:( deaths

Like: Cutscenes ,very unique and well made(cool)
        Innovative features
        World 3, Fun, has gone beyond my expectations, the only levels design i really enjoy

Awesome big work  :D