Beta testers wanted.


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Ok, I have this game that is almost finished. Now, I have to have someone play test it esp. the level design and tell me if it's good or not. As i'm gonna put if up for sponsorship, I don't want to upload it to "Stencyl arcade".

So anybody here can beta test it for me? and tell me if it's any good.

EDIT: I'v definitely put this on the wrong forum. Can somebody move it to "Developer exchange", I think that the appropriate forum for this kind of discussion?

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I'm perfectly willing to help and can give a pretty detailed analysis of mechanics and design.
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Ok, i'll send you a build right away. Just let me know if the level makes sense. Whats your thoughts on the graphics, animations, everything. If the game is fun to play or just plain frustrating.

There are just 8 levels, will that be enough? I've struggled quite a bit with the levels, as i'm not so good with it. So that's my first priority.


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i can check it out if you want! sounds cool


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It's no need now. Thanks for your help anyway.. :)


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Since you have your feedback person, I wont pressure you for that, but I will suggest thinking about the number of levels a bit. While some games can get away with 8 levels, they do have to be very, very good. Anyway, good luck!


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Ya, thanks for your offer, though.. :) Anyway, I am thinking of adding more than 8 levels but as my level making skill sucks. So, it'll be a real challenge for me. But I'll try and make at least 20. That's the max my I think of, I can.