Game idea.. may need a bit of fleshing out


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Had a notion about a game. You've seen things like "epic war" where two bases are sending units at eachother and it's sort of a tug of war?

I had an idea to sort of turn this into an action beatem up hybrid.

Basically, you have a flat level going a ways to the right, where, at the end, is a specific enemy or boss that you must kill to win the level (think of this enemy as being the "enemy fort").

To do so, you need to push your way passed a stream of enemies coming your way. You fight them using action game controls, beatem up combos and the like, but, in addition to this, you also use various abilities, chiefly among them the ability to resurrect fallen enemies to fight on your side (they will then move to the right and attack the enemy units).

In my mind there's some definite possibility here for a simple, fun action game with some strategic elements, it's just a matter of nailing down a hook and avoiding all the possible clunkiness of it. In my mind, it'd be sort of reminiscent of "dynasty warriors" but also tug of war RTS games.

Any suggestions? Good idea, bad idea?

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Have a look at Awesomenauts. You will find a Dota Approach with a similar hook.


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Personally, I'd make the "reviving dead enemies" automatic, but only apply to enemies you take down yourself, at the risk of getting overrun.

The more enemies you manage to take out on your own, the more lackeys you'll have for the final boss.

You'd have limited health, which could be bought back at the end of the round, but if you get more lackeys earlier in the round, they'll handle the boss more, so you'll lose less health, and have more points to spend on new abilities.

Keeping any lackeys who survive the boss, for the next round, would give incentive to get in and fight the boss yourself.

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Sounds pretty cool... but i don't think it'd work, sorry. Having 1 plane means all the enemies would lump together into 1 super enemy, and all your allies would too, and you'd have to throw punches without getting millions thrown back at you. Also, there isn't really a strategic element, because of only 1 plane, it's really just a beat'em up. i think a top down version could work to your advantage, more tactics, you can set up ambushes, greater control over units etc.
The AI would be a bitch though.


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I've played a game similar to this and actually really enjoyed it. You had a resource (dollars) and could buy different types of troops. There was also a tech tree which if you developed it cost you loads of money, but gave access to significantly better troops.

The game was more strategy based as you had to balance tech research against generating enough troops to defend your base.The best strategy I found was to pour cash into research defending your base with the bare minimum and then attacking when you were at the top of the tech-tree.

I'm afraid I can't remember what it was called - it was on one of those flash based game portals, but the gameplay influenced me enough that I remember it as a cool game mechanic.

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^Epic war i'd imagine