Nested Loops, actor selection <SOLVED>


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As per the attached image, I have a nested loop. My question is, does Stencyl accurately keeps track of the "actor of type" icons? Because I want to use both type of actors in the nested For loop.

Suggestion: It would be nice of the "actor of type" icon showed the type of actor it was representing. 

Edit: Guess I should have just tested it in the first place. The answer is NO, Stencyl doesn't keep track. The "actor of type" is only recognized in it's loop "level". I really hope this is changed in Stencyl 3... :(

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The way it is made is correct...

You can try to set [Actor of Type] to an Actor attribute.


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"This behavior contains no attributes of 'Actortype' "

Am I using the wrong For loop? What am I doing wrong?


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This sounds like you created an Actor Type attribute, but you need an Actor attribute. ("actor of type" is an Actor.)